ZEROTAPE – Ergonomic Tape System

The ZEROTAPE specialist ergonomic tape dispenser is the best packaging tape gun available. We are confident that once you’ve used it you will never go back.

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Improved Comfort

ZEROTAPE was created with the end user in mind. The result is a tape dispenser which has been ergonomically designed. The position of the handle is strategically placed to minimise strain on the wrist. It also has a ventilated handle which is comfortable to hold and is significantly lighter than other tape dispensers on the market.

Increased Productivity

The foolproof click reload system means there is no time wasted changing tape rolls. ZEROTAPE also holds a tape which is longer than conventional tape (as well as lighter and stronger) so changes and disruption are kept to a minimum.

Environmentally sound

At ZEROTAPE we are committed to minimising our impact on the environment. The ZEROTAPE production plant is powered by burning high calorific olive stones, delivering energy through state of the art turbine electric generators; green energy at its best!

Furthermore ZEROTAPE is wound on returnable and reusable cores, another first in this industry.

Say goodbye to cuts

When our design team got to work they looked at every aspect of the process, the result is a
ergonomic tape dispenser that not only aims to minimise strain on the end user but also improves safety. The neat blade replacement design requires no tools, no screws and more importantly no plasters!

Improved performance

Our chemists worked hard to develop adhesives and films that deliver a stronger and more powerful bond with all types of board grade. Our tape is thinner, lighter, longer, and stronger.

Easier to use

Ergonomically designed to make light work of packing you’ll love the lightweight, comfortable ZEROTAPE. Once you’ve used ZEROTAPE we’re confident you’ll never use another tape dispenser.

How to buy

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