ZEROTAPE is a revolutionary new packaging tape dispenser. With its altered centre of gravity, ease of use and enhanced efficiency it is unlike any other packaging tape dispenser on the market. Discover more about the unique design of ZEROTAPE and how it can improve your business.

Be Ready for the Halloween Packaging Rush

For the vast majority of retailers in the UK Christmas is the busiest season of the year. All major stores should be preparing and developing their Christmas packaging strategies ready to cope with the increase in demand. However, if you sell any variety of confectionery, Halloween decorations or costumes, for you the high season has [...]

ZEROTAPE Has Launched

We are delighted to announce that ZEROTAPE officially launched on 1st August and is now being rolled out to lucky customers around the world via our dedicated distribution network. This means your businesses can now get their hands on our revolutionary parcel tape dispenser. ZEROTAPE is completely changing the way businesses run their packaging processes [...]

Understanding The Different Kinds Of Packaging Tape

We are very proud of our new iconic packaging tape dispensers. ZEROTAPE boasts a sophisticated design to help the end user have 75% less down time and deliver year on year increased production capacity. If you are in the packaging industry it is helpful to know the ins and outs of the products you use. [...]


The talented packaging tape dispenser manufacturers behind the creation of ZEROTAPE kept simplicity as a must have. While the design is sophisticated and utilises intelligent ergonomics to help increase speed and productivity, while reducing strain and improving comfort, we also wanted it to be very easy to use. ZEROTAPE is so straight forward to use [...]

Why Become A ZEROTAPE Distributor?

We are constantly talking about the advantages of the ZEROTAPE packaging tape dispenser gun for the end user and the increased productivity that businesses can expect to benefit from.  What about the advantages of the ZEROTAPE for our distributors? At ZEROTAPE we are proud of our revolutionary new product but we also understand that distributors [...]

What Makes ZEROTAPE Different?

The revolution is coming......     .........for Tape Dispensers! If you are involved in the packaging industry you might have already heard rumours of an incredible new product hitting the market very soon. Well The ZEROTAPE Gun is nearly here and we are its proud creators. We truly believe our tape dispenser gun is about [...]