Eco Packaging

ZEROTAPE is an environmentally friendly packaging product. Not only does it reduce waste with its reusable tape rolls and longer lasting tape but our manufacturing plant runs of bio-fuel too.

Eco packaging and eco friendly packaging products are very important to the ZEROTAPE team. Packaging waste causes continual damage to our environment and that is why we are doing our part to reduce waste and raise awareness about eco friendly packaging.

The Environmental Impact of Packaging Waste

Encouraging eco friendly packaging and the development of eco friendly packaging products is very important to the ZEROTAPE team. ZEROTAPE is a prime example of eco friendly packaging with longer tape rolls and are also recyclable rolls, our plant is powered by bio-fuel. We believe striving to minimise the environmental impact of packaging waste is [...]

Eco Friendly Packaging Products

In an increasingly environmentally conscious age, eco friendly packaging products are a key point of interest for the average consumer. ZEROTAPE Packaging Waste Infographic Eco friendly packaging products should also be a top concern for all businesses, especially in the packaging industry, as waste from packaging has a large impact on our environment. Packaging waste [...]