ZEROTAPE is an environmentally friendly packaging product. Not only does it reduce waste with its reusable tape rolls and longer lasting tape but our manufacturing plant runs of bio-fuel too.

Eco packaging and eco friendly packaging products are very important to the ZEROTAPE team. Packaging waste causes continual damage to our environment and that is why we are doing our part to reduce waste and raise awareness about eco friendly packaging.

Top 10 Best Commercial Packaging Tips

ZEROTAPE is more than just a packaging tape dispenser. It could well be the key to making your business’ packaging process far more efficient. More productive packing could mean increased capacity and increased profits but faster packing is just one piece in the puzzle to a perfect packaging process. Take a look at our top [...]

ZEROTAPE Is Better For Food Packaging Companies

Secure packaging is essential for ever industry but especially any business related to food. The consequences for non secure packaging are much greater for this industry and should be taken very seriously. In the food packaging industry your business not only has a duty to package food to keep it protected from damage but also [...]

The Most Common Commercial Packaging Mistakes

Commercial packaging can be a minefield. There are so many pitfalls that can reduce the quality of the customer experience and make you miss out on gaining a great reputation that stands out. At ZEROTAPE we have in-depth experience when it comes to the world of packaging. We have compiled a list of some of [...]

Increase Business Productivity with ZEROTAPE

ZEROTAPE launched only a short time ago and already our ergonomic tape dispensers have had a big impact for businesses across a range of industries. This packaging tape dispenser is a world first and has been developed specifically to add speed to the packaging process, while improving comfort and reducing risk of repetitive strain injury [...]

Packaging Solutions for eBay Retailers

Do you sell on eBay? Did you know you could increase your productivity and get more products out to happy customers faster simply by improving your packaging process? Our remarkable parcel tape gun could be the answer. Large scale companies, small businesses and individuals sell on websites like eBay and Amazon. It is a great [...]

ZEROTAPE In Every Industry

If you are considering the value of ergonomic tape guns for your packaging staff then you need to discover ZEROTAPE. Why Do Ergonomic Tape Guns Matter? Operations managers are responsible for making informed choices on the process of their product distribution or how they choose products to stock for end users. In a variety of [...]

The Life Cycle Of A Packaging Product

The team at ZEROTAPE are very excited to launch our extra special packaging tape gun. ZEROTAPE is set to revolutionise the packaging industry with its unique ergonomic design to provide zero strain and zero discomfort. Its ease of use will make work much faster for packaging employees and environmentally friendly design was at the heart of [...]