RSI stands for repetitive strain injury. It is caused by carrying out repetitive motions and can result in pain and even serious injury that can require surgery. Packaging workers are among some of the most affected by RSI. Reducing the risk of repetitive strain injury was a big motivation for our design time. ZEROTAPE boasts vastly reduced strain and increased comfort for packers helping to combat RSI. Learn more about repetitive strain injury and how ZEROTAPE can help you avoid it in our blogs below.

RSI – Repetitive Strain Injury Quiz

Love quizzes and want to expand your knowledge? Take our fun and challenging RSI Quiz. Don’t forget to share your score with us on our Facebook Page, Twitter Page or LinkedIn. Do you suffer from RSI or know someone who does? Did you know that packaging workers are under greater risk from repetitive strain injury [...]

How To Prevent RSI – Top Tips

RSI or repetitive strain injury can affect people in a range of jobs but it is well known to especially affect those who work on computers and those in the packaging industry. The reason for these two groups being at particular risk is because their jobs entail a great deal of repetition in motion for [...]

ZEROTAPE Ergonomic Tape Dispenser Tackles RSI In The Packaging World

The ZEROTAPE ergonomic tape dispenser has been designed specifically with the comfort of the end users in mind. Our dedicated team of engineers looked at every aspect of the packaging process to see how we could effectively improve efficiency, ease of use, comfort and tackle RSI in the packaging industry. What Is RSI? RSI stands [...]