In an increasingly environmentally conscious age, eco friendly packaging products are a key point of interest for the average consumer.

ZEROTAPE Packaging Waste Infographic


Eco friendly packaging products should also be a top concern for all businesses, especially in the packaging industry, as waste from packaging has a large impact on our environment.

Packaging waste can be extremely harmful to the environment and ruin the landscape, as it increases the size and number of landfills. Two ways to combat this are through using recyclable materials and reducing the amount of waste produced by packaging. This can be a concern for businesses as returns for damaged goods in transport are a major expense.

From an economic perspective, packaging waste provides challenges as well, due to many hidden costs. Packaging waste is often described as the biggest hidden supply chain waste!

How Does this Affect You? 

Whether your business is environmentally conscious or not the government is continually brining in new targets and regulations for packaging companies to reduce their waste production.

Are you aware of the Producer Responsibility Obligations Regulations for Packaging Waste?  It places responsibility on the producers of packaging waste to recover and recycle a certain amount of packaging.

A really important feature is the way packaging products are required to be designed. We are all required to design eco friendly packaging products that encourage easy dismantling and recycling at the end of the products’ life cycle.

This ethos was at the heart of vision when engineering the ZEROTAPE Packaging Tape Dispenser Gun.

Pay Attention To These Statistics 

In 2011 the UK disposed of an estimated 10.8 million tonnes of packaging waste. Thankfully 67% was recovery but now even more pressure is placed on companies to reduce packaging waste.

In the 2010 to 2015 Government Policy: Waste & Recycling it clearly outlines targets to have total recovery of packaging waste rise to 79% recovery by 2017. That is now less than a year away and may seem ambitious to many in the industry.

In the managing waste hierarchy prevention of waste is the first priority and that is a big feature in our packaging dispenser gun.

The ZEROTAPE Dispenser Gun

At ZEROTAPE we pride ourselves on our green credentials; we really do take our environmental responsibilities extremely seriously and consider this in everything we do.

When the product designers looked at developing the ZEROTAPE Packaging Tape Dispenser Gun they considered every aspect of how it would work. We knew they could make a major difference for the environment while helping businesses in the packaging industry reduce their waste and comply with government targets.

The ZEROTAPE Dispenser Gun is an eco friendly packaging product not only in its design but in how we chose to manufacture our product.

ZEROTAPE And The Environment

Our talented engineers studied the complete manufacture and user cycle and made significant gains.

So why is ZEROTAPE better than other packaging tape dispenser guns for the environment?

  • Firstly, with a traditional tape gun, the tape is on a roll that is discarded once the tape runs out but ZEROTAPE rolls can be rewound resulting in significantly less waste in busy packing and returns departments
  • Another great feature is that ZEROTAPE rolls are also longer so run out less frequently when compared with average, traditional rolls

We also considered the impact of producing ZEROTAPE on the environment. Our production plant is powered by burning high calorific olive stones. The pits from the pitted olives can be utilised as a great source of power. According to the not-for-profit engineering organisation ASME olive pits produce more energy through combustion than hardwood.

We love this solution, burning olive stones to deliver energy through state of the art turbine electric generators. Green energy at its best!