RSI or repetitive strain injury can affect people in a range of jobs but it is well known to especially affect those who work on computers and those in the packaging industry.

The reason for these two groups being at particular risk is because their jobs entail a great deal of repetition in motion for the wrist and arm joints. If a packer is using non ergonomic tape guns the repetitive motion of taping up boxes can actually result in long term discomfort or even severe pain and ongoing problems with their wrist.

Despite the fact that manual labour, including jobs involving packaging, makes up the majority of RSI reports, most advice you will find on the web regards reducing wrist strain for computer workers.

If you work in packaging pay attention to our top tips on preventing repetitive strain injury:

• Stretch frequently

• Take regular breaks – at least one break an hour

• Try your best to keep a positive posture – if you work sat down ensure your chair and work bench are at an appropriate height for optimum comfort and make sure it is not making you stretch your joints too much. If you work standing ensure what you are packaging is on a table or work bench of an appropriate height to avoid bending

• Try to vary your duties as much as possible within your role. If your role is very narrow try to discuss implementing more work rotations with your manager

• Try to keep your feet flat on the floor

• Try to bend your wrist as little as possible. Non ergonomic tape guns make this difficult and is a prime example of how using low quality products can increase strain

• Make sure the tools you use absorb shock and are easy to grip

ZEROTAPE was designed with exactly these principles in mind. It is the new face of ergonomic tape guns. Every part of ZEROTAPE was created around the idea of ZERO Strain and ZERO Discomfort. The adjusted centre of gravity and easy grip, ventilated handle makes working much easier.

If you use ZEROTAPE your company could save money by having less RSI related absences and complications among staff, as well as happier workers.

If you think repetitive strain injury is not a big issue for your packaging staff and has little consequence on your profits think again. Take a look at our blog on some of the worrying statistics surrounding RSI in the UK and keep reading to learn about the very serious symptoms of untreated RSI.

Short Term Symptoms Of RSI

• Pain when performing the repetitive motion

• Aching

• Tenderness

• Stiffness

• Throbbing

• A tingling sensation

• Numbness

• Weakness Cramping

Long Term Symptoms Of RSI

• Extended periods of mild – severe pain, even when not performing the motion that first caused the strain injury. Pain can eventually become constant if untreated

• Swelling in the affected area that can last months

• If untreated workers may be unable to return to work and may have to undergo surgery to address the damage in the affected area.