For the vast majority of retailers in the UK Christmas is the busiest season of the year. All major stores should be preparing and developing their Christmas packaging strategies ready to cope with the increase in demand.

However, if you sell any variety of confectionery, Halloween decorations or costumes, for you the high season has already begun. These industries will already have been experiencing the increased pressure from those customers who have planned in advance.

The nature of Halloween in the UK is different from the USA and Halloween tends to be a less important holiday, nowhere close to competing with the heavy demands of Christmas. However, retailers should be warned not to let their guard down. The more relaxed attitude to Halloween simply means a last-minute approach by many consumers. It also means unrealistic expectations.

The Christmas rush is a well-known phenomenon so increasingly many consumers plan ahead and expect orders made at the last minute will be in great risk of not arriving on time. Halloween customers tend to not start planning until nearer the big day itself and make many orders for costumes, decorations and sweets in the week running up to the big day itself. They also have high expectations that the items will be delivered on time.

If you are unprepared and don’t have a Halloween strategy in place to meet potential increased demand, especially a high volume of last minute orders you are likely to end up with irritated customers.

One of the most important elements of any peak season strategy needs to focus on your packaging process. You must ensure that not only do you have the necessary stock available but that your packing staff, warehouse processes and logistics services can cope with the sudden short spike in demand.

Packing workers under pressure can easily make mistakes and accidentally damage your products so you need to give them every advantage in this busy time.

ZEROTAPE packaging tape gun has been proved time and time again to significantly improve the packaging process by making packers more efficient and reducing strain on their wrists. A comfier packaging experience means more productivity and less stress.

Tiny improvements like planning out a proper Halloween rush strategy and incorporating ZEROTAPE into your operations can make a big difference. You could gain an edge over your competition and improve relationships with your customers.

If your packaging workers have been struggling with an unanticipated Halloween rush this year contact ZEROTAPE and we will put you in touch with your nearest ZEROTAPE packaging tape gun distributor and you won’t be caught short next Halloween.