Encouraging eco friendly packaging and the development of eco friendly packaging products is very important to the ZEROTAPE team.

ZEROTAPE is a prime example of eco friendly packaging with longer tape rolls and are also recyclable rolls, our plant is powered by bio-fuel.

We believe striving to minimise the environmental impact of packaging waste is essential, especially as the packaging industry have historically been a large contributor to waste.

How Does Packaging Waste Harm The Environment?

Litter – Litter is the most visible kind of packaging waste. When individuals and companies do not dispose of packaging waste properly it can cause harm to wildlife. Packaging waste that is thrown away can damage or even kill many creatures. This is particularly true of non-biodegradable waste and any packaging materials that take a long time to break down.

Litter is also an aesthetic blight on our natural scenery.

Mammals, birds and reptiles can become entangled in packaging waste or ingest harmful products.

Landfills – Even correctly disposed of packaging waste often makes its way to massive landfills. These landfills spoil our wild places, poison animals and encroach on their habitat.

Plastics – Plastic packaging waste is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to the environmental impact of packaging waste. There are a shocking 5.35 trillion pieces of plastic debris floating in our oceans. Fish eat plastics and bring it into the food chain causing poisoning of larger species, including us.

Manufacturing Processes – The manufacture of plastics is also damaging to the environment with 4% of global oil used in plastic manufacture or consumed in the energy process to make said plastics.

If you are wondering why humans should care about the environment, then consider that plastic is currently being absorbed by human bodies due to plastic packaging waste in our water supplies and eaten by fish which we then eat. If you thought absorbing plastic wasn’t bad for you think again but studies have shown it can alter our hormone levels and cause a variety of health consequences.

Why Has The Packaging Industry Been Such A Large Contributor To Waste?

These days ZEROTAPE is not alone on trying to fight the war on waste. Although our eco friendly packaging product is a world first for tape dispensers many other companies are also working hard to reduce their packaging waste, but this wasn’t always so.

Eco awareness has increased greatly in recent years which has inspired the industry to do more to reduce waste. However, there is still a large pressure on businesses when it comes to waste. The packaging individuals experience at home, for example a mild carton, is only a small part of that product’s overall packaging contribution. Milk cartons are stored in boxes which are in turn stored in pallets for transport. All this packaging is necessary to a degree as businesses need to make sure products arrive in a good condition, stay fresh and aren’t too difficult to open.

Although industries are the largest contributor individuals and their life styles to contribute to waste as well. Since 1961 the UK population has grown from 55 million to 60 million, yet the number of households has grown by almost 50%. The difference in growth is due to the decrease in household size.

The total annual UK waste, including food, packaging and non foods, across all sectors is 2.87 million tonnes and 46% is recycled or composted or sent to anaerobic digestion.

To find out more about packaging waste and eco friendly packaging with ZEROTAPE take a look at our Packaging Waste Infographic.