Changing the world of packaging

ZEROTAPE Packaging TAPE System

That might sound like a bold claim but with its ergonomic design, advanced functionality, ease of use and productivity benefits, ZEROTAPE is set to be an iconic new product which is already taking the packing industry by storm.

The ZEROTAPE packaging tape dispenser was created by a talented team of design engineers. During development our team analysed every aspect of the packaging process to see how it could really be improved. The ZEROTAPE packaging tape dispenser is the result of our hard work and research. This new packaging tape dispenser is the latest in packaging technology and we firmly believe it will make packaging far easier and more efficient.

The ZEROTAPE dispenser gun offers a wide range of benefits compared to a traditional packaging tape dispenser in terms of both user comfort and efficiency.


Easier to use

Ergonomically designed
to make light work
of packing.

smarter, faster

No other system comes
close to ZEROTAPE when it
comes to pit stop times!

Less operator

The ergonomic design promises
less strain and a more
comfortable experience.


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We are building a strong network of reliable distributors who will join us in making ZEROTAPE the number 1 choice in every packing department. Take the first step today and contact us to find out how you can become one of our distributors.

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less carbon footprint
less downtime
say yes to ZEROTAPE in 5 minutes

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