The ergonomic
Tape System



Changing the world of packaging

ZeroTape® – A completely new tape dispenser system is revolutionizing the world of packaging.


Developed by a talented team of design engineers, every aspect of the packaging process was analysed during development to see how it could really be improved.


With its ergonomics and advanced functionality, ease of use and productivity benefits, ZeroTape® is an outstanding new product that is a delight to any packing department!


Gone are the days of sore wrists – with ZeroTape®.

The unique
tape system

The ZeroTape® dispenser system revolutionises
working in the packing room.

The unique advantages of ZeroTape®


75% less strain on muscles in wrist, arm and shoulder.


Reusable cores and less packaging waste minimize your carbon footprint.


Fewer roll changes due to almost 3 times the tape length.


Easy and smooth unwinding and a ventilated handle.

tape system with clear advantages for the user

The University of Siegen, Germany

In cooperation with the Department of Ergonomics at the University of Siegen, the innovative advantages of the ZeroTape® packing tape system were scientifically investigated and confirmed in a comparison of the ergonomic quality of different packing tape systems.

The study shows an enormous relief of the tight muscles in shoulder and forearm when using ZeroTape®. Thus, from an ergonomic point of view, the scientists can recommend it without any restrictions.

Ergonomics Award

In recognition of its outstanding importance for the packaging departments of many companies, ZeroTape® was awarded the prestigious ECN Prize for outstanding product development.

During the 6th Days of Ergonomics, ZeroTape® was awarded the Ergonomics Prize for outstanding product developments in the field of „hand-held tools“ for the development of the innovative packing tape system.

The renowned Ergonomics Competence Network (ECN), as the organiser and prize-giver, pursues the goal of promoting science, research and education in conjunction with the exchange of know-how in the field of ergonomics and work science. For the category „Hand-held tools“, the award is given to products that have been designed in such a way that people in the target group can use the product optimally.


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