Scientifically proven

With the new ZeroTape® packing tape system, seven important muscle groups in the hands, arms and shoulders are used significantly less than with traditional tape dispensers.

Working with ZeroTape® reduces muscle activity by up to 23% (absolute). These evaluations were compiled by the department of Ergonomics at the University of Siegen.

Result of the study

During the detachment process, the muscular strain on the muscles involved in these processes is significantly reduced by approx. 30 %. During the holding process, stressed muscles are relieved by up to 35%. The lower rolling resistance of the ZeroTape® in combination with the corresponding adhesive tape relieves the shoulder muscles by 25%.

Ergonomics Price

Zero Tape was awarded with the Ergonomics Prize for outstanding product development in the field of hand held tools. ZeroTape’s efficiency was beforehand confirmed in a scientific study by the department of Ergonomics at the University of Siegen and was underpinned in a keynote adress by Dr Penzkofer at the Lake Constance Congress.