A tape system with clear advantages for the user


The ZeroTape® dispenser family

ZeroTape® First

The first dispenser in the ZeroTape® family and winner of the ECN Award for outstanding product development.

The ZeroTape® dispensers are available in a blue and pink colourway.

ZeroTape® Classic

Continuous development of our dispensers resulted in this product.

The ZeroTape® Classic offers all the familiar advantages of the ZeroTape® First dispenser along with more intuitive handling.

ZeroTape® 72 mm

New: The dispenser for 72 mm wide ZeroTape® packaging tapes. For even higher sealing power and easy taping of big and heavy boxes.



ZeroTape tapes overview

The most sustainable solution

The special ZeroTape® roll cores can be returned and will be reused in our special production plant.

That‘ s how we close the loop and do more for the environment!

New: Printed Tapes now available

The ZeroTape® 300 and ZeroTape® Paper can now be printed with up to 3 colours.

We also stock ready printed warning tapes for German and international use.

Our printed tapes are produced on recycled cores, which is a very sustainable solution.


ZeroTape® distributers are based across Europe, the US, Australia and New Zealand with more joining all the time.

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